And so it begins…

Half-Marathon training that is.

This week marks my first week of half-marathon training and I completed my first run tonight. Since tri season has come to a close, I decided to set this new goal. I’m trying the FIRST training program as it seems to fit well into my current workout schedule and should leave me enough energy to attend the two spin classes per week that I love. The program consists of three very focused runs each week. One run is all about speed intervals, the next is a middle distance “tempo” run and finally a long run.

Tonight I started off with a 1.25mi warm-up then four 400’s at around 8min/mi pace with about 2min rest in between and finished up with about a 1mi cool down. Not too bad! As a bonus I had my small dog running buddy with me the whole time. She’ll probably get to join me on most of my training runs as she’s a little high strung and is much more pleasant to be around after about 5mi or so (with the exception of tonight since there’s a thunderstorm rolling in and she’s not a fan).

Will be sure to keep you updated as the training continues!

Crickit.Small Dog.Running Buddy.Superdog

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