My Running Buddy

Well, I am quite a tease, aren’t I? I tell you the blog is back… and then no posts for almost a week! My apologies! So for now…

Meet Crickit!









She’s a ~3.5 year old Pointer/Beagle/Brittany/Jack Russel/etc. “All American Dog” that came into our lives about 2 years ago.

The hubs and I were thinking that our Golden Retriever, Kenzie, needed some canine companionship and we were ready to expand our furry family. I found Crickit (at the time “Coco”) online on (Disclaimer: Do NOT go there unless you want to expand your furry family too… you will get sucked in… and you will adopt one!)

At the time, Coco was living in Charlotte with a foster family with two young boys and a dog of their own. We worked out a meeting and brought Kenzie with us. Honestly, the meeting couldn’t have gone much worst. Coco was hyper, wanting to play with Kenzie, who wanted nothing to do with her. She needed exercise and was being riled up by the boys. We jogged her up and down the street and few time and things seemed to get better.

We talked on our way home and I was already attached to how cute she was and what a perfect size she was.  I also wanted to be able to give her a more stable home with more structure and exercise. So, we adopted her.

Since then, we’ve had some ups and downs, some food aggression, and unfortunately a few bites along with that, but we are all learning and she’s a smart dog.

Not only is she smart, but energetic and good on a leash… she’s the perfect running dog. I take her with me on a run about once a week and she just loves it… she’s been known to go for up to 12 mile runs without an issue and she’s still crazy when we get home!

She’s got her issues, but I love my little runner dog!


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