Folly’s Follys

Good Morning! From another beautiful day in Folly Beach, SC. We’ve been having a blast and the week got kicked off with quite a bang! First, I found out whether or not I’ll have a niece or a nephew (I can’t tell you yet!), then we had a great time at the Bridge Run. Several PRs were had including my 54:27! I could not be happier with that as it means Oprah has been defeated in the bridge run. Then to top off the excitement, my sis-in-law and her boyfriend got engaged as soon as we got back from the run! Whew!

On Sunday, the hubs and I met up with some friends who were in town for their first Bridge Run and a friend’s wedding. It got me thinking… several of my friends, new and old, are into triathlons and distance running. It makes me wonder if there was something unspoken that brought us together – like we all knew that we were interested in finding our own limits and felt connected because of that… what do you think?


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