It’s a small world…

Melanie's Ride for Hope
Boy is it ever… the hubs and I participated in a charity bike ride on Saturday called Melanie’s Ride for Hope. For me, it was a planned part of my training, for him, more of a “fun” way to get some exercise on a Saturday morning. They had several routes available and I chose the longest, 69 miles (which turned into 72 after some construction detours), and Jason did 36 miles. We rode together for a short period of time at the beginning and caught up for a few minutes at the first rest stop where my mom-in-law was stationed. However, I spent the majority of my ride solo or with a new found friend, Tom.

Tom and I linked up early on. He had set a nice pace and indicated that he was also doing the longest route. I decided he was a good person to stick with. For both of us it would be our longest ride to date and we were both planning on doing the Raleigh 70.3 in 3 weeks (for him, it will be his first tri ever!). Not only that, but as we continued to chat, I told him last year’s MCM was my first marathon… and he was there too! Though, it was not his first. He also lives in W-S and had just taken his bike to the same shop where mine was scheduled for a tune-up the following week (just dropped it off this morning, actually).

All I’m saying is that even when the world feels huge (and it does when you are biking 72 miles), it’s still very small! I challenge you to strike up a conversation with a stranger and see just how much you have in common.

As this relates to my training… That ride will be my longest ride until after the Raleigh 70.3 on June 2nd, and it was a great test in preparation for both that event and gave me just a hint at what I’m in for in Louisville (though there it will be 40 more miles, followed by a marathon… yes, I still think I’m crazy and I’m sure you do too).

To further test myself, the hubs and I went for a 30 minute jog around the park once I got back from the ride to see how my legs felt – this is called a “brick” workout. Surprisingly, it was not as bad as I’d thought. I’ve done several bricks before following shorter bike rides and your legs always feel weighed down and your brain has to adjust from the 15-30mph it was used to traveling down to the (hopefully) 6mph that your legs can handle. This time, my legs seemed almost thankful to be doing something else – don’t get me wrong they were still exhausted, but I’d expected worse! And with that, I’m happy to say… bring on Raleigh! I’m feeling prepared and that’s half the battle…

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