Taper Time

That’s right! I made it to my taper for the Raleigh Half Ironman and am so enjoying the extra time I have for myself. Here’s what the final two weeks before Raleigh look like for me workout-wise:

Monday (5/20): Swim (1950m)
Tuesday (5/21): Bike (~25mi)
Wednesday (5/22): Run (5mi)
Thursday (5/23): Rest
Friday (5/24): Swim (1900)
Saturday (5/25): Run (7mi)
Sunday (5/26): Bike (~25mi)
Monday (5/27): Rest
Tuesday (5/28): Mini Tri (Swim for 15 min, Bike for 45 min, Run for 20 min)
Wednesday (5/29): Rest
Thursday (5/30): Swim (1000) + MY BIRTHDAY!
Friday (5/31): Bike (30 min)
Saturday (6/1): Jog (15 min)
Sunday (6/2): RACE DAY!

Now the last time I tapered was for the MCM and with the added time in my life, I rebuilt and repainted my kitchen table (pictures below!). I wonder what I’ll do this time… I’ve got plenty of projects to choose from!


Donate Now!
To my Ironman Louisville Race for a Cause to benefit the
Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention
to honor the 32 Hokies who lost their lives on April 16, 2007.
Learn more here!

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