Next Stop… Louisville!

Ok, I’m about to do something I don’t normally do – share a goal/prediction. It’s easy to say “I’m doing this race” or “I just want to finish that race,” but I’m talking about the numbers – time, speed, pace, etc.

You see, while I majored in math, have a career in statistics and generally LOVE numbers, all that disappears when it comes to my training and competing. I tend to take the numbers too seriously and find that it’s better if I just strive to have a good time. However, I’m going to give way to my left brain here for just a minute.

My experience in Raleigh last week far exceeded my expectations. Here’s the prediction sheet that I jotted down at work the week before the race:


So, optimally I was predicting finishing in 6:38 and acknowledging that I could take as long as 7:35 (or potentially longer if things went really bad). I actually finished in 6:19:23 (swim: 39:37, t1: 3:14, bike: 3:00:52, t2: 4:08, run: 2:31:52). As you know from the marathon, I tend to set pretty low goals for this sort of thing. I just hate the idea that I could finish a race this long and then be disappointed over 3 minutes. But regardless…

As you can see, I also doubled those times (not factoring in fatigue, changing clothes, or bathroom breaks) just to get an idea at what I could be looking at in Louisville. So for the record my actual Raleigh time doubled is 12:38:46 (which would be pretty freakin’ incredible… also, that’s not gonna happen). Why not? Well, like I said, I didn’t take into account any of the challenges of doubling an already very long distance. But here’s my best guess at an optimal race in Louisville:

Swim – 1:20
T1 – 0:10
Bike – 7:00
T2 – 0:10
Run – 5:20
Total – 14:00

And I’d be ecstatic with that. I’ll be ecstatic no matter what when I finish, whenever I finish.

So how did I come up with this?

  • First, I simply doubled my swim time. I don’t expect much fatigue in this leg, especially with nearly ¾ of it being with the current, having a time trial (less crowded) start and having the buoys on my left (my breathing side).
  • I gave myself 10 minutes for each transition in which I’ll be completely changing clothes. And if anyone can change outfits quickly, it’s me!
  • I gave myself an added hour of fatigue on the bike compared to what I did in Raleigh. Elevation wise, the Louisville course will be very similar, but who knows if I can even come close to duplicating that performance. This should also give some time to stop at the bathrooms.
  • Finally, I added about 20 minutes of fatigue to my run (nearly 1 minute per mile). Provided my foot doesn’t act up again, this should be plenty!

It all seems pretty logical to me, so now it’s back to training!

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