I am not Superman

Right now… running is my kryptonite.

I typically try to keep the blog upbeat and full of happy thoughts and inspiration, but I wonder if that may be giving you the wrong impression. I’ll try not to be too much of a Debbie Downer today, but I do have to say that this is HARD!

On one hand, I want you to know that I’m not Superman because this training is kicking my butt. My life is consumed by Eat, Sleep, Work, Workout… and the workouts are TOUGH! I’m not too keen on the running aspect at the moment. I just can’t seem to stay focused for the full duration of a run workout (but I’ll be giving it my all again tomorrow and hoping for a good long run). Life revolves around the workouts to be done and there’s no break on the weekends either. Right now I’m taking solace in that I have a 32 hour hiatus before the next big thing, then afterwards a day of rest (I’ll explain my current schedule soon, I promise).

On the other hand, I want you to know that I’m not Superman, because you could do this too (though I’m guessing after what I’ve already said in this post you won’t want to). I say that because I’m really just and ordinary person who set this goal and am now going about accomplishing it. I still have a job, a family, and friends (all of which are luckily understanding) and I really don’t consider myself to be much of an athlete. I just have a strong will. And if I can tell you anything about this, it takes a strong will. You have to want it… REAL BAD. But, if you do… you can do it. And that’s the key.

From the moment I got into the sport of triathlon and understood what the “M-Dot” logo tattooed on someones calf meant, I’ve idolized every person I’ve seen with that little emblem on the back of their leg. I think I admire them more now than ever.

I may not be Superman, but I will be an Ironman!

Donate Now!
To my Ironman Louisville Race for a Cause to benefit the
Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention
to honor the 32 Hokies who lost their lives on April 16, 2007.
Learn more here!

…And yes, I will have that M-Dot tat as well!



  1. You’re awesome! Training is tough, but you ARE doing it! That’s inspiring all by itself. My goal is to be an Ironman by the time I’m 50 — I’ve only got three years, and a lot to do before then, but I will do it — and its because of people like YOU I know I can! Thank you! šŸ™‚


  2. Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I did my first tri (a sprint) just 2 short years ago, so you have plenty of time for your Ironman! Good luck!


  3. I completely understand. While it’s not the same- while I was going through my divorce I was training for figure competitions. My life consisted of cardio, lifting, diet, kids, work, counseling, etc. It was grueling but I truly believe the focus needed to compete kept me sane and ultimately healthier. You sort of start operating on autopilot after a while- it never stops sucking, you just have to take the small achievements along the way to keep you fueled for the next one. I respect the HELL out of you for doing this- because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t. Then again, I never thought I’d get up on stage in front of people mostly naked with platform heels on… But the triathlon is a whole different beast, In my opinion- and I know I couldn’t do it at the moment!!


  4. […] A lot of this experience has really been outside my comfort zone. I’m not a big fundraiser, I’m not very good a tooting my own horn, and I really don’t like asking people for money. It’s hard to tell someone what an IRONMAN is and what the training is like without them thinking that you’re crazy or super human (I’m not, see this earlier post!). […]


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