My apologies! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’m very sorry about that lack of updates. My training is in peak mode, so my free time is very limited and what I do have I mostly spend relaxing/sleeping (or eating)! Anywho! I thought it was about time to update you on some of the swag I purchased for Louisville. When I was growing up, there were three phrases that were very common in our house – each of which has impacted this journey:

“Attitude is Everything”
This is apparent on every training day, especially the long ones

“Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”
If I didn’t have a strong will, I wouldn’t be doing this!

“Presentation is Key”
We’ll focus on this one today!

I want to look the part in Louisville, while of course keeping up my end of the bargain to wear some wacky, brightly colored gear.

Goggles + Headband Alright, so we’ll start with the small stuff. New pair of Speedo goggles – maroonish in color with an orange bungee strap. Everything has a red tint through the lenses… la vie en rose? Well, not quite. And I LOVE bungee straps. So easy to adjust, less likely to break… and ORANGE!
Next up is my nearly neon orange swimsuit. Every time I wear this to the Y, I get comments about how bright it is… and that’s the point. It is reversible and the other side is more maroon/fushia, but the bright orange is where it’s at for Louisville. Swimsuit
Jersey Now for a little departure from the maroon and orange… a bright green, full-zip, bike jersey with three different shades of abnormal green. Why green? Well, (1) it will match what I have planned for my bike. (2) It should be easy to spot amongst the many black, white, pink, and blue jerseys (not many people seem to wear green). (3) It’s a nod towards my husband’s favorite color and the 49ers – many of who have donated to my cause. Oh, I why full zip? for easy “costume” changes – I swear I have a reason for everything!
Finally, my last article of clothing for the run, and one of my faves – a great dri-fit, racerback, HOKIE shirt! Not too bright, but I have to have something specifically Hokie to cross the finish line with… Run Shirt
VT Flag And speaking of crossing the finish line… I hope to have Jason hand me this flag just before I cross. Oh man, it’s going to be crazy emotional!
And finally, and perhaps what I’m most excited about… my HOT PINK bike tires and NEON GREEN bar tape. I got several compliments on my tires during my first century ride (100 mi) this past weekend. My bike will look even cooler on race day, but those plans are still in the works… Hint: You know the “Felt” brand of bike? Well, I may be riding a FeltIS! Bike

Having all this swag has helped to calm my nerves and heighten my excitement for IM Louisville… What silly things do you do outside of training to help you mentally prepare for a big race?

Donate Now!
To my Ironman Louisville Race for a Cause to benefit the
Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention
to honor the 32 Hokies who lost their lives on April 16, 2007.
Learn more here!

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