Say Nice Things

Alright guys, we are 13 days out… well by the time most of you read this it will be down to 12 days. My nerves are definitely starting to kick in, as is my excitement!

I had a 4 mile run on my calendar today and had a lot on my mind as I got started. About halfway through, I took a slight detour and headed into the large natural area in the middle of the Wake Forest campus. (It’s no drill field, but it is very pretty.) It also serves as the practice field for the Wake Marching Band and they have a few awesome swings hanging from some of the large trees on the perimeter.

I picked a swing and started for pump higher and higher until I could start to see the lines painted out for the practice field and could see the drum major’s stand through the branches at the top of my trajectory. I started to think about where I had come from, how all of this started… It really is impossible to swing and not smile. I’m really trying to work on the mental aspect during these last few days of training. Keeping my mind positive and trying to envision various stages of the race and how I’ll push through – at that point it is more about your head (and your hydration) than anything else.

While riding this weekend, I spent a little time with a fellow TriGrl who is training for her first half-iron distance this coming October. She said her training is just starting to get “real” and that she’s really been working on getting her head right as well. “Say nice things to yourself and everyone else around you,” she told me. I could agree more.

I briefly touched on this uplifting nature that exudes from many triathletes and the sport in general in my previous post about why I love Triathlon. Not only did she affirm it, but made the point that you might actually need to practice in order for it to come naturally on race day. So, give it a try… Say nice things to yourself and everyone else!

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