I forgot to mention…

Since I posted the IRONMAN Louisville recap last week, I’ve remember a few more things that I want to share (and don’t want to forget). Rather than try to rework my last post, I thought I’d just list them here in chronological order.

I know I mentioned that we were a little giddy when we arrived in Grayson, KY on Thursday evening, but I thought you might get a kick out of something that we all found really funny. We were staying at a Quality Inn (not sure on the quality part) which is a “motel-style” hotel with all rooms opening to the parking lot. I’m sure there are laws that require all hotels to provide a fire escape plan, but it’s just a little ridiculous when each room leads to the outside. We found this VERY funny!

image (6)

I also remembered a few things from waiting in line before the start. I might have already mentioned what we were need the Nazi volunteer who made absolutely sure that spectators and athletes were in separate lines. While I did appreciate his vigor for the RULES, he may have taken his authority a little too seriously. Any way, the guys around me had all taken turns going to the port-a-jon and we all held each other’s spots in line. I finally decided that I had to go too and of course they were kind enough to watch my stuff and move it with the line if it moved.

I got in line behind a girl who turned out to be from Charlotte, NC (small world). She told me that she’d just learned to swim in January and her friend had convinced her to do the IRONMAN. That sounded a little crazy to me, but I think she thought I was just as crazy for doing it all by myself… to each his own I guess!

Also while in line, I overheard another conversation comparing various IM races. One guy said that he’d read that IMLou was in the top 5 toughest and a few years back had been ranked as high as 3rd. I’ve done a little research on this since I’ve been back and have found similar rankings backed by data. I did stop for a sec when I heard that and thought, “Oh god, really? This is one of the toughest of the toughest races!?” I guess if you are going to go… you should go BIG. Here that analysis I mentioned: http://www.runtri.com/2013/09/ironman-louisville-2013-results-analysis.html

Fast forward to the start of the bike (before things go tough). I do always enjoy getting on my bike because you feel like you are flying. I remember the first few groups of spectators I saw yelling a surprised “You go girl!” at me. That let me know that I was probably one of the first few females they’d seen all day which is certainly good for the ego. Plus race registration was about 77% male and 23% females (if I remember correctly from the welcome dinner). Come on ladies… you can do this!

A little later on the bike course, my bike did get some attention from other athletes. Some told me they “loved the pink tires” and one guy who I went back and forth with towards the end of the bike said he really “loved the colors!” And another bike pic just to remind you how pretty she is!


One final thing I wanted to remind you of is that there is still time left to donate to my fundraiser. My fundraising page will close on September 24th, so be sure to get any final donation in by then. Again I am very VERY thankful to everyone who has donated thus far. We not only smashed my initial $1406 goal, but also smashed my second $2109 goal and have currently raised $2751 for the Virginia Tech Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention. Think we can make it to $3000 by the 24th? Let’s find out!

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