What happens when you fall…


“Our greatest glory is not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall.”

I’m not sure exactly who said it, but I have found it being attributed to Confucius, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nelson Mandela, and Vince Lombardi. Regardless of who said it, it’s true.

For those of you who are friends on Facebook and Instagram, you probably saw my gruesome photo post from two weeks ago when I took a spill whilst running. I was just jogging along, thinking about how good it felt to get out and run. The weather was perfect and it was just starting to drizzle. Then… BOOM! I went down. HARD. And slid on the concrete on my hands and knees.

I watched the concrete move under me, confused about how it all was happening. Though it didn’t exactly hurt right away, I knew it would. I popped up and told the two Wake Forest boys who saw my crash that I was OK, but I was heading back and was certainly done with my run. I walk-jogged back about .8 miles to my office and my car where I thankfully had a first aid kit.

The return trip wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. My left knee did feel a bit “weird” but nothing hurt too bad and I was actually able to run. So, I felt fairly confident in the assessment that I hadn’t done any SERIOUS damage.

The next 48 hours were full of bandages and icing. I put my bike on the trainer on Thursday evening so see how that felt and fully assess what I’d done – surprisingly everything felt OK!

Jason was going to a 2.5 mile run on Friday night, so I decided to tag along and feel it out. And though I’d rather not admit it… 1.5 miles in, I fell again! Not nearly as bad this time, but it certainly made me mad!

Continuing with full disclosure here… these were my first two runs in my new Luna running sandals.

And yes, I’ve already heard it a million times… “you fell because you went running in SANDALS!” However, I disagree. I fell because I don’t yet know HOW to run in my sandals, these sandals specifically. I have run in other running Luna styles before without issue, but these are a little thicker and have a different lacing system.

People have been running in sandals for hundreds of thousands of years. And not just on flat, paved roads, on crazy graveled and rooted trails. And not just for 3 miles, but for 100 miles at a time. No, I’m not kidding. See Tarahumara, Luna Sandals, Leadville Trail 100… etc.

So instead of my falls telling me that I should never run in my sandals again and that I should just give up. They’ve told me that there’s something I’m not quite doing right. Something slightly off with my running form. And instead of being OK with that, I’m setting out to learn how and fix what I’m doing wrong.

I have had one successful 3 mile run in my Lunas since and was mentally engaged in the run and my form the entire time. I intend to continue to run in these as well as my FiveFingers and whatever other wacky minimalist footwear is out there to help make me a better runner.

I did initially think that I would run the marathon in my Lunas, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that just yet, we’ll see. But I guarantee you’ll see them on my feet at some race in the not-so-distant future.

So, the moral of this post… the next time you fall, whether it be a literal fall or a figurative one, take a second to think about why you fell and what you want to do about it.


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