Marathon Shutdown

I typically try to stay off highly controversial topics on the blog… Especially politics. But, I can’t hold my tongue any longer.

I just learned that if the Government doesn’t reopen by Friday evening, the Marine Corps Marathon will most likely be cancelled. Now, trust me, I realize there are many other victims of the shutdown that are far more dire than my precious marathon – namely the many people who are without work and those who aren’t receiving the assistance programs they depend upon. But for me personally, this is the first news of the shutdown that has hit close to home and directly affected me. My heart goes out to anyone and everyone who is being negatively affected by this shutdown and I would like to take a moment to urge you to write your representatives and tell them how you feel. They are in DC to represent YOU and they need to know what you want in order to represent you accurately.

When we are young, we go to school. We learn about the United States. We learn about our history as Americans. We are taught that America is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are instilled with a sense of pride in being Americans, in being citizens of the country that is respected on a global stage as a beacon of hope and a paradigm for society.

In America, we decided a long time ago that we care about each other. It’s WE THE PEOPLE and it’s THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. So I’ll say this…

While I do support the ACA and would potentially argue that too many consessions have already been made (let’s just have single-payer care already). What needs to be understood is that this is a non-issue when it comes to the shutdown and the debt ceiling.



The ACA was passed and has already been ruled as constitutional by the Supreme Court. It is NOT up for discussion in relation to the shutdown. And the Government and country should not be held as pawns by those who oppose it. In fact, when asked about the individual parts of the ACA the majority of Americans are in support.


We have a democratic process in this country and a procedure for passing and repealing laws. This law has already been passed. And if, in the future, it is the WILL OF THE PEOPLE to repeal the ACA, I trust that WE THE PEOPLE will vote in officials that will repeal it through the democratic process.

So please if you want the Government reopened. If you think the Government should pay its bills (just like you and I) Then, tell your representatives.

I wish that as soon as the shutdown occurred, the doors to Congress were locked with all of our representatives, regardless of party, inside until they emerged with with a solution. Do not pass go, do not collect $174,000, do not go home or sleep in your own bed. Period. Until you do your job.

I really hope that the Congress people decide to act like adults and don’t let us default on Thursday and have the Government reopened by Friday.

If not for me, for my dad.

I want him to run his first marathon in DC on October 27th. I want him to experience everything I experienced last year. I want the Marines to clap for him when he crosses the finish and salute him when he gets his medal.

Now if those things don’t happen, there’s nothing I’d like more than to still make the trip to DC and run anyway. But, I want dad to have done an official marathon. One that receives a time, a medal, and a note in the record books. So if the MCM can’t happen, we will try to run the inaugural Greensboro Marathon. It won’t be as big or a a grand, but it will be a marathon. And I will make that compromise after all my hardworking and training, because it’s important to me to run with my dad in his first marathon.

I’m starting to tear up, so I’m going to call this post complete. Again, please understand that I don’t mean to take anything away from those of you who were affected as soon as the shutdown occurred and those who are impacted so much more harshly than me. Just understand that this is what gets me riled up. It’s what I’m passionate about and I never thought that the US Government’s failure to do it’s job would result in taking away something so positive that I’m so passionate about that I’ve been looking forward to for so long. I’m holding out hope that that doesn’t happen.

Semper Fi.



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