Welcome the Resolutionists

Everyone starts somewhere.

I’ve seen some rather shocking, unfriendly, and unwelcoming posts from the “fit” community to start year. Why? Because of the surge of “resolutionists” at the gym – those people who aren’t regulars or who just joined, made a New Years resolution to get healthy, and most of whom will disappear from the gym before Valentine’s Day.

Yes, it can be annoying for those of us who were already in a workout schedule before the new year to come to the gym only to find “our” equipment already in use, to find that spin class is already full when you assumed there was no need to register, or to sweat it out in super hot yoga where new bodies make it hotter, more humid, and cut down on your “personal” space. But, try to remember that everyone starts somewhere and welcome the resolutionists.

I know that many of us regulars are also the same people who will scoff at the heavy-set man eating his big mac or the overweight lady who opts for the elevator, so why do we also give these people the stink-eye when they take the last treadmill? What if they were really about to make a true lifestyle change, but your unwelcoming behavior is what sent them packing back to the Mickey D’s? Come on people, let’s think.

Let’s encourage these new folks. Let’s welcome them to our community. If they are looking confused or lost, why not help them out? Let’s let our resolution this year be to do those things that we should already be doing – being welcoming, being kind, and reserving that seat in spin class.

And to the resolutionists… keep going. Make it past Valentine’s Day and you will no longer be considered a “resolutionist” – You will be a regular!

future self


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