More Excuses…

Warning: this post is likely filled with more excuses for my lack of posting during the first quarter of 2014. Bear with me, I’m just trying to get you up to speed on what’s been up with me!

One of the reasons it’s been so long since my last post is that I haven’t really had much to say. I try to keep the blog upbeat and happy, but until recently I’ve been fairly disappointed with 2014. And to be fair, 2013 will be a pretty tough act to follow being the year of my first Half IRONMAN, first full IRONMAN, and second marathon (with my husband and dad!). Needless to say, I’ve been struggling with what my 2014 goals should be.

I’m also having to postpone my much-anticipated Eurotrip to April 2015 and that has really put a damper on things as well. But life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans, right?! So, we are working on making some other plans and setting some other goals to give 2014 the swift kick in the rear it deserves. (If nothing else, this cold winter deserves quite the slap in the face, am I right?!)

So, Interwebs, send me some positive vibes for making the last three-quarters of 2014 ROCK!




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