Record Month!

I officially logged 100 run miles in March (no this is not April Fools… I have the screenshot below to prove it)! This may or may not be a first, but it is a first for me to keep track of it.

March Running

When I was down in the dumps about not having athletic goals, Jason suggested a 100 mile month as an achievable goal. In my typical Jenn fashion, I never proclaimed this as my goal, but went for it anyway.

I’ve been religiously tracking all of my workouts since January 1st via TrainingPeaks in hopes of being able to share some pretty awesome year-end stats. I know as a math major/stats minor, I should have been more concerned with tracking my workout metrics before, but I’ve always been worried it would take the fun out. With the realization of this unstated goal and a few other unexpected accomplishments (more to come on that soon!), I have learned that it can be helpful to check in on yourself and your stats at least every once in a while!

How to you track your workouts?


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