Birthday. Race. Schmooze.

So much going on for this girl lately! Last Friday (May 30), I turned 27 – Happy Birthday to ME. It was a low-key birthday celebration of dinner and drinks after work with family and friends. Then it was early to bed so that we could race in the morning – my first race of the year with my REAL age on the back of my calf.

Lake Hickory Sprint Triathlon

The Stats
400m Swim: 7:36
T1: 0:58
16mi Bike: 53:22 (18 mph)
T2: 1:03
5k Run: 26:29 (8:33 min/mi)
Total: 1:29:27

The water was a mild 77 degrees making this a wetsuit-legal race, but in that range where many strong swimmers and wetsuit haters will opt to go without in favor of a quicker transition. Of course, I went without! It was one of my best swims ever. I took a great line out to the turn buoys, stayed calm, had fun, and was the third woman out of the lake!


My T1 felt fast, and it was! I think this is my first sub-1:00 transition ever! On the bike, I was consistently disappointed with the numbers showing on my bike computer. There was a headwind most of the way and it was a flatter course requiring significant work to pick-up speed and even more effort to maintain it. I was regularly passing people, so I felt that many others were probably experiencing the same disappointments and was comforted that at least we were on an even playing field.


My T2 was also fast, though not as fast as it could have been. As I slipped my left foot into my running shoe, it ran into my “sneaker ball.” **Expletive** (note to self: double check shoes when setting up transition) It took a few extra seconds to empty both shoes, but I was again quickly on my way. The run was my fastest tri run yet and it was one of my favorite courses so far. As with any run that comes after a lake swim, there was an incline to start, though not too steep. There was a short section where it steepened which I walked to catch my breath – after the hard work on the bike, quick transition, and elevated heart rate from the sneaker ball incident, I needed it (and given my time, it paid off). Once out of the park, the course was fairly flat/slightly rolling and we were diverted to a short out and back before hitting the ultimate turn around and heading straight back for the finish. As I neared the finish line I could tell someone was catching up, but I pushed through determined not to let him pass. After crossing the finish, I turned around to meet Mike, a fellow Winston-Salem triathlete.


Jason and I both won our age groups (full disclosure, I was the only one in my age group – come on 25-29 y/o ladies!)!

Gold Rush Auction

Now, bring on the schmoozing. After the race, we headed down to Charlotte for a fundraiser for the Charlotte 49ers Athletic Department. What a fun evening of dressing up, food, drinks, and bidding! I won’t bore you with the details, instead here are a few pics from the evening!



gold rush auction

The prized possession of the evening - Jason's MINI "man bag" to match his car!
The prized possession of the evening – Jason’s MINI “man bag” to match his car!

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