Weekly Preparations

You probably heard time and time again that

“you can’t out-train a bad diet.”


Well, Jason and I recently went “Paleo.” I say “Paleo” because we aren’t EXTREME about it… we still drink beer (and other alcohols), we still eat some cheese, and every once in a while we have some carbs. But overall, I’ve been amazed by how many things we’ve cut back on, and how many GOOD things we’ve added to our weekly repertoire. More on this and some of my favorite dinner recipes later…

Today’s post is really about lunches and setting yourself up for success for the week. When you’ve only got and hour for lunch, maybe don’t even have time to get away from the office, or have a lunchtime workout planned, it’s easiest to grab something fast, and unless you’ve planned ahead that’s usually going to contain carbs and probably over-processed ones. Here’s how I get around that…

Every Sunday or Monday I cut up all the lettuce in the house (we usually by the 5-pack of romaine at Costco along with a bag of baby spinach leaves) and make 8-10 plain salads – just leafy greens and shredded carrots. There are all stored in the fridge and taken out as needed throughout the week. If it’s already prepared, it IS what’s quick and easy and it’s hard to say no to a fresh salad. I like to add feta, craisins, walnuts, and light vidali onion vinaigrette to mine. Jason adds chicken strips, bacon bits, and light italian dressing. But now for the BIG freshness secret – when prepping the salads,

put a piece of paper towel in the top of each container.


photo 2 (2)

This helps to absorb the moisture and keep the greens fresh and crispy. I’ve found that they stay good for 6-7 days!

photo 4 (1)

In addition to the salads, I like to encourage us to eat our fruits and veggies. So, when time allows I’ll also create 10 bags of carrots (and in this case bell pepper strips, because we had way too many that were about to go bad), and 10 containers of fruit (usually strawberries or watermelon). There are NO EXCUSES if these healthy foods are readily available and easy to grab.
photo 1 (1)

It’s all about setting yourself up for success!

Just a quick update on what’s up next for TriGrlTri: I’ve registered for what it said to be on of the toughest International Distance triathlons, the Bandits Challenge Triathlon, this Saturday. Then on Sunday, Jason and I jet off on a much-needed vacation to the Dominican Republic. Yay!

Wish me luck and bon voyage!


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