When the Cat’s Away…

The mice will work really hard, take on new responsibilities, learn new things, and attempt to fill the void…

Yes, dear friends, that is the story of the age old question I know you’ve all been asking – What happen’s when TriGrlTri’s boss goes on maternity leave. Ok, maybe you haven’t all been asking that question… but I certainly hope that some of you have been wondering where I’ve been.

The answer is working, training, and being so completely zapped that I don’t have any desire to blog or even watch TV for that matter. Yes, during the first week, my brain was so “turned on” during the day, that I didn’t even want any additional “stimulation” afterwards. And I know I just made that sound WAY sexier than it actually is. But that’s what’s been going on.

Now, 4 weeks in, the dust has settled a bit and I really am enjoying the new challenges that this situation has presented.

So what’s been going on in REAL life?

Well outside of the office, I’ve still been swimming, biking, running and have been working with the new Fleet Feet Tri 102 group. This group is geared towards an open water swim tri at Belews Lake in Stokesdale, NC on September 13th. Then, participants have the option to continue on into Tri 201 for an international distance in Pinehurst, NC on October 4th!

And speaking of tris, I’m doing one tomorrow. My first in over a month and I’m psyched and nervous. I can’t wait to get out and race again, but this week has been so hot and humid that I haven’t had many good training sessions. So… we’ll see. Of course, I’ll let you know in a race recap soon!

And if you don’t think tri life is real life…

I’ve been getting some fun in as well. My sisters-in-law and I took some time a few weeks ago to “rock” our wedding dresses. Huge thanks to my wedding photographer, Steve Davis, for bearing with us on a very deary Sunday morning!



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