Weekly Swim Workout #1

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m starting something new on the blog. Every Monday, I’ll be posting a Weekly Swim Workout!

I thought this would be one great way for me to share valuable information with you all. For triathletes, the swim workout can be somewhat tricky and tedious. Unlike biking and running, which lend themselves for a set route and distance including built-in challenges in hills and maybe some personal challenges in speed work, swimming laps in a pool is fraught with tedium and repetition. BORING!

By providing a Weekly Workout, I’m hoping to break through the boredom for you.

Adding Swim Workouts in the off-season is a great way to stay strong (and warm), while improving what is often a weakness for triathletes. While it is the shortest part of any triathlon (only 1-3% of the entire race, depending on the distance), swimming is a great full-body, cardiovascular workout that has benefits beyond the pool!

Each Weekly Swim Workout that I post will be 2000 yards/meters in length. For the average swimmer, this should be approximately a 1 hour workout (anywhere from 40-80 minutes). If you are looking for something shorter, look at either cutting either the number of repetitions or the distance of each rep. If you are looking for something longer, do just the opposite (increase repetitions, or the distance of each rep). If you are looking for more of a speed workout, you are going to want to lean towards shorter distances with more reps. If you are looking for endurance, you are going to want longer distances with fewer reps. So, feel free to take these workouts as a starting point and make them your own based on your ability, needs, and available time.

So let’s get started, here’s Weekly Swim Workout #1:

Warm-up: Total of 700

  • 300 swim, rest :20
  • 150 pull, rest :15
  • 150 kick, rest :20
  • 100 drill

Main set: 2 x through, total of 1200

  • 200 swim (50 easy/100 hard effort/50 easy), rest :10
  • 150 swim (25 easy/100 hard effort/25 easy), rest :10
  • 100 swim (25 easy/50 hard effort/25 easy), rest :10
  • 75 swim (25 easy/25 hard effort/25 easy), rest :10
  • 50 hard effort swim, rest :05
  • 25 super easy, rest :60 and repeat

Cool down

  • 100 easy swim

I hope you enjoy this first Weekly Swim Workout. Please let me know if you have any questions about this workout, or suggestions for future workouts! Stay tuned next Monday for a new Workout! And remember…

Just keep swimmin’

Update (11/4): I just did this workout for the first time this morning. It was definitely a good workout and took around 45 minutes. However, I found the 10 second rests in the ‘main set’ to be brutally short. It was OK the first time through, but on the second, I definitely rested for more like 15-20 seconds!



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