Weekly Swim Workout #3

Happy Monday! Try a new swim workout this week, perhaps the one below!

Remember, to take these workouts as a starting point and make them your own based on your ability, needs, and available time.

Warm-up: Total of 700

  • 300 swim, rest :20
  • 100 kick, rest :15
  • 100 pull, rest :15
  • 200 (50 drill/50 perfect stroke swim/50 drill/50 perfect stroke swim)

Drill set*: Total of 300

  • 6 x 50 (25 drill/25 build to a fast finish), rest :10 after each

Main set: 3 x 300, total of 900

  1. 3 x 100 pull, long and strong, getting good distance per stroke, rest :20 after each\
  2. 2 x 150 swim (50 easy/100 hard effort swim/50 easy), rest :20 after each
  3. 300 swim, negative split (2nd 150 is faster than 1st 150)

Cool down

  • 100 easy swim

*If you aren’t sure what to do during the Drill Set, check out this short video from Active.com and 6-time IRONMAN world champion, Dave Scott.

Just Keep Swimmin’

Update (11/18/2014): Swam this morning, and honestly didn’t enjoy it as much as last week’s workout. There’s something very mentally challenging about the distances getting longer at the end of the workout. But hey, we could all use a challenger every now and again. Right?!


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