2014: A Year in Review

About a year ago, I noticed several of my running/biking/tri friends posting these impressive statuses totaling all of their mileage for the year. One of my goals for 2014 was to do the exact same thing, and here’s the result of all of my tracking!

Numbers by Sport

  • Running: 762 miles // 120:48:31
    • I’m definitely proud of this number! As cool as it would be to have a 1000-mile year or something like that, I’ve never tracked this before, so this is a great baseline. I took a few minutes to do some averages on these numbers –
      • ~9:30 average pace
      • 14.65 average miles per week
  • Biking: 2040 miles // 96:37:18
    • Much of this came from spin class, so it can somewhat be taken with a grain of salt. But for the sake of consistency, here are some averages –
      • 21.11 mph average speed
      • 39.23 average miles per week
  • Swimming: 66608 meters // 27:53:15
    • I would really love to get this number up this year – it can just be so tough to drag yourself to the pool!
      • 2:30 average pace per 100m
      • This is the equivalent of 41.4 miles, or just under 1 mile per week
  • Strength Training: 45:05:00
    • All I can say about this is THANK YOU BodyPump – love that class, even if it is completely scripted!


  • 5-10ks: 5
  • Half Marathons: 2
  • Sprint Tris: 7
  • International Tris: 2

16 races totaling 238.7 race miles, not bad 2014!


  • 9 PRs
  • 11 Age Group Placements

Just take a look at my Races page – it’s been a hugely successful year for me. And to take a second to reflect on why that is… I feel I have a few things to thank: IRONMAN Louisville (and the other BIG races of 2013), time to recover, and mentoring with Fleet Feet. I had such a great year in 2013 with 3 BIG races – IRONMAN 70.3 Raleigh, IRONMAN Louisville, and the Marine Corps Marathon – doing those long races was a great experience for me and really put these shorter distances in perspective, teaching me to push myself! Then, I had a few months of recovery – from the end of October through early February. Honestly, I didn’t feel completely recovered until March, but then it was on like gang busters! At that point I was mentoring the Fleet Feet half marathon winter training with group 3b whose goal was to finish in 2:05-2:10. I have to say that, while being a mentor is certainly not about me, being a mentor has benefitted me so much more than I anticipated. I only hope that I’ve motivated my groups this year as much as they’ve motivated me! Having a group that truly is my pace to run with and chat with has just been fantastic and I can’t wait for the next winter half training to kick off next Tuesday. Speaking of which, come join us!


So, thanks 2014! You’ve been awesome!


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