It’s me.

No, it’s not you… it’s me.

That’s what, in the last several posts, this blog has turned into – it’s about and for me… not you. And it’s already helping me so much.

Of course, I’m happy to have you along for the ride and appreciate all of the kind texts, sweet comments, and likes. But, I’ve needed a place to “put” all of these thoughts and feelings… so that I don’t have to “carry” them with me every day. TriGrlTri is a great outlet for that.

If I were more skilled, I might write a song or two or perhaps paint a picture… I guess what I’m saying is that if you are going through something (anything), try to find an outlet – a place to unload your thoughts and feelings.

It gets heavy carrying them around.

So, thanks for listening and bearing with me. I appreciate you letting me unload these things on you. For now, it seems to have lifted a fog and opened up space in my brain for other thoughts. I honestly don’t want to forget what it felt like to be pregnant or the intricacies of every appointment we’ve been to, but now that I’ve shared them with you, I don’t have constantly remember for fear of forgetting.

I’ve been feeling like myself this week… on top of things… remembering details… being proactive… getting into a workout schedule. These are things that have been hit-or-miss since July, but I’m optimisticĀ that they’ll have more consistency moving forward. The good news for you is that I’ll likely have other things to write about soon!

TL; DR: That’s fine because it’s about me, not you.


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