Happy Birthday!

It’s here.

We’ve talked about it. At times you’ve looked forward to it. At times you’ve dreaded it.

You’re 30!

Happy birthday, Jason.

In your 29th year, you’ve done so much! Maybe you didn’t finish everything on your “30 before 30” list, but you’ve also done so much more.

  1. Finish a list of thirty things to do before turning thirty, track via blog – Winston-Salem – Early 2015
  2. See a film at a/perture Theater  – Winston-Salem – January
  3. Set up a retro gaming system using Raspberry Pi – Winston-Salem – February
  4. Run another marathon – Raleigh – March
  5. Take a stereotypical tourist photo at the Eiffel Tower – France – April
  6. Eat fish and chips in London – England – May
  7. Attend Norwich match at Carrow Road – England – May
  8. Drive Nurburgring – Germany – May
  9. Drink German beer in Germany – Germany – May
  10. Drink Italian Wine in Italy – Italy – May
  11. Jurassic World Opening Night/Weekend, preferably in costume – North Carolina – June
  12. Brew Chocolate Stout, with actual Chocolate – Winston-Salem – Fall
  13. Brew Spring Pale Ale – Winston-Salem – Early April 
  14. Play Footgolf – Mount Holly – Late Spring/Early Summer 
  15. Perform live, and not a work thing – TBD – TBD
  16. Paint something, like art – Winston-Salem – TBD
  17. Buy something, fix it up and sell it for a profit – Winston-Salem – TBD
  18. Refinish a piece of furniture – Winston-Salem – Summer/Fall
  19. Make a recording – Winston-Salem – TBD
  20. Volunteer somewhere – TBD – TBD
  21. Actually learn Stairway To Heaven on the guitar, start to finish – Winston-Salem – Year Round
  22. Pull an all-nighter – no sleep for 24 hours – North Carolina (likely) – TBD (looking for volunteers and good ideas)
  23. Hike somewhere new in North Carolina – North Carolina – TBD
  24. Visit a new city in the United States – TBD – TBD
  25. Write a song, as simple as it may be – Winston-Salem – TBD
  26. Climb a tree (no minimum height requirements) – Winston-Salem – TBD
  27. Go shoot a gun, a real one – Winston-Salem – TBD
  28. Take public transportation to work – Winston-Salem – Spring/Summer/Fall
  29. Hot air balloon festival, maybe ride in one – North Carolina – TBD
  30. Five pull-ups in one go – Winston-Salem – By Year’s End – I think you’re really close!


A few things that this list doesn’t do justice…

In your 29th year, you’ve handled some pretty tough stuff and you’ve helped me handle it too. Thank you! Here’s to better news in your 30th year.

In your 29th year, you ran one heck of a marathon. You beat Oprah and PRed by more than 20 minutes! Congrats! Here’s to more amazing races in your 30th year.

In your 29th year, you’ve traveled the world. We crossed the Atlantic, experienced the joie de vivre en Paris, took in the solemn history of Normandy, enjoyed fish and chips and (lots of) beer in London, cheered on Norwich in the front row of an EPL match, drove around the Nurburgring, through the countryside of Adenau, and on the Autobahn, relaxed (over wine) in Venice, drove through the hills of Tuscany in a Fiat 500, and toured the Colloseum and Roman Forum in Rome. There’s no one I’d rather travel with! Here’s to more adventures in your 30th year!

In your 29th year, you’ve taken steps towards your future. You’ve learned so many new things and you’ve been at the top of your class. It’s inspiring! Here’s to more steps, more growth and more learning in your 30th year!

Happy Birthday! Cheers to 30!



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