I’ve got questions.

And I hope the doctors at Wake have answers.

Our appointment is at 10am on Monday, and I don’t know quite what to expect. I had to fill out an 8-page questionnaire about Jason, myself, and our histories, so I hope they can return the favor with answers to some of the following.

General questions:

  • What’s our outlook? How hopeful should we be?
  • On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is the worst case you have ever seen – a couple who will not conceive, and 10 is the easiest case you’ve ever seen – you are confident that there won’t be any real trouble and the treatment path is clear, where are we?
  • We know cysts are an issue, but will we look for any other issues, hormone levels, for example? How do we balance treating the problems that we know exist versus learning more about things we haven’t checked yet?

Questions about my left ovary:

  • Is this ovary even working? (It definitely hasn’t done anything since May – the pregnancy resulted in ovulation from my right ovary)
  • Is it 1 or 2 cysts?
  • What type of cysts?
  • How long have they been there?
  • What do we do about these cysts?
    • Is surgery necessary?
      • If so, what does that timeline look like? When? Recovery? Try again?
      • If so, how likely is it that I retain a functioning left ovary?
      • If not, how do we treat them?

Questions about my right ovary:

  • My understanding is that the state of my right ovary is less-concerning than my left, is that correct? Why?
  • Why would this ovary have become polycystic after the miscarriage?
  • How do we treat the multiple cysts?
  • How does this treatment work with the treatment for the left ovary?

Questions about my most recent period:

  • I took clomid during days 3-5 of my last (November) cycle, had bloodwork on day 21 which indicated that ovulation had not occurred. Then, I took 3 days of 10mg Provera on days 25-27 (stopped because I was told not to take Clomid and figured it didn’t matter), but I subsequently started on day 31 (1), 4 days after the last Provera (on a full 10 days of Provera, I get a period ~2 days later).
    • Did I get the period from the limited Provera?
    • Could the Clomid have actually worked and the period/ovulation was delayed a little longer than expected?
    • Does this cause us to question anything about my progesterone levels or anything else?

We’ll see what they say…

Are there any additional questions that you would ask?


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