On this Christmas day, I thought it might be appropriate to talk a little about the miracle of life.

Miracle of life… that’s a phrase you hear growing up, you learn about it in biology, and honestly, it doesn’t mean much until you REALLY think about it.

Here’s a snippet from the Wake Forest Reproductive Medicine website:

A complex series of biologic events must occur for pregnancy to result.

  • The ovary must contain eggs that will develop to maturity within the ovarian follicles under the influence of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  • The egg must be released (ovulated) from the follicle and travel through an open fallopian tube to the end near the uterus where fertilization occurs.
  • The male must produce enough sperm to cause fertilization. A significant number of these sperm must be “normal” as determined by their shape, swimming ability, and several other characteristics.
  • The sperm must travel through the vas deferens and urethra and be ejaculated into the vagina.
  • Once deposited, the sperm must swim thorough the cervical mucus into the uterus.
  • Once the sperm reaches the egg it must attach to and penetrate the outer membrane (zona pellucida). The DNA of the male and female must combine to produce a full complement of chromosomes.
  • After the egg is fertilized, it divides to become an embryo. The embryo must travel into the uterus where it implants in the endometrial lining.
  • Once the embryo implants its nourishment and development are supported by progesterone and other hormones.
  • The uterus must be capable of supporting the growing fetus.

And that’s just for a pregnancy to result. That doesn’t even get into living, breathing, growing, and learning outside the womb.


I know a lot of that is pretty sterile, medical speak… but read it again and really think about ALL of the events that have to occur perfectly to create life. You can even think beyond this to all that goes into the Earth’s ability to support life, for your parents to have been born, raised, grown, and to have met each other, and their parents, and their parents…

If you’re anything like me, you are now questioning how the human race is even able to endure.

So today, regardless of whether or not you are celebrating the birth of Jesus or simply enjoying the fellowship of friends and family, take a second to marvel at your life and the lives of those around you.

They truly are miraculous!

Merry Christmas


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