2015 in Training

While we and hanging out just waiting to see if we got a pass or fail on our “homework,” I thought it would be fun to revisit 2015 just one more time and look at the total duration and distances I completed. I posted a similar post about a year ago!

Numbers by Sport

  • Running – 32.1% / 628 mi / 100:44:25
    • Not quite as much as last year, but pretty close considering everything that happened in 2015 (I think this will be a theme throughout)
      • Average Pace: ~9:37/mi
      • Average Mileage per Week: ~12.1 mi
  • Swimming – 6.12% / 41650 yds (26.7 mi) / 19:11:21
    • Hmm… revisiting last year’s blog, I guess I didn’t get this number up either… but I suspect it will be up there this year
      • Average Pace: ~2:45/100 yds
      • Average Yards per Week: ~801 yds
  • Biking – 26.8% / 1636 mi / 83:54:48
    • The bulk of this mileage comes from spin class and both indoor and outdoor rides with the Tri 301 group as they trained for the B2B half iron distance triathlon
      • Average Speed: ~19.5 mph
      • Average Mileage per Week: ~31.5 mi
  • Walking – 23.7% / 247 mi / 74:19:00
    • I only tracked my walking distance when it was above and beyond the norm, and much of this was accomplished in Europe!
  • Strength Training – 11.3% / 35:31:00
    • Again… thanks to BodyPump… love that class!
  • Total Distance: 2534.7
  • Total Duration: 13 days, 1 hour, 40 minutes, 34 seconds

Races + Accolades

  • 5k: 2 races
  • 10k: 1 race (New PR!)
  • Half Marathon: 1 race (New PR!)
  • Marathon: 1 race
  • Super Sprint Tri: 1 race (1st Place Overall Female!)
  • Sprint Tri: 2 races (2, 1st Place Age Group Finishes!)
    • 8 races, totaling ~95 miles

Overall, I’m please with my accomplishments during 2015 and am looking forward to 2016 – It’s gonna be awesome!




  1. Nice work, Jenn! I always hated homework…….

    I’m hoping to get my total mileage up this year as well. This will be my first attempt to log mileage all year. I’m shooting for total mielage in excess of around 3,000 miles. I’ll certainly see you for some of that!


    • Awesome! Tracking mileage can be tedious, but it’s worth it at the end of the year. I’m sure you’ll have no problem hitting 3,000 in 2016! I’ll see you out there… are you half marathoning?


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