2016 Plans

Well, now that we are two weeks into the new year and finally experiencing some winter-like temps, it’s time to start dreaming of warm summer days and all the triathlons that go along with them.

My plans this year are a bit more lofty than last, as I’m already registered for the new IM 70.3 North Carolina (formerly known as Beach 2 Battleship) in Wilmington on October 22nd. Jason is registered too – his first tri longer than a sprint!!! Don’t worry, we both purchased the registration insurance because, as I’m sure everyone knows, I’d rather not be able to race 🙂

Regardless, let’s assume that I can… I’ll need to get some races under my belt before hopping in the ocean in October! Here’s some that have caught my eye…

Huntersville Sprint | May 1st – Always a great race and one of the nicest, longest pool swims at 500 yards. Plus no lane has two-way traffic!

36 North | May 22nd – This was my first ever tri in 2011 and an awesome hometown race, unfortunately I haven’t been able to participate in it since then due to scheduling conflicts. I will make it back this year!

Lake Brandt Sprint | June 11th – Close by, run by Trivium Racing, definitely interested in checking this race out.

Buckner Mission Man | July 23rd – Have know about this race for a few years, but never been able to add it to my calendar… maybe this year?

High Point Triathlon | August 13th – Like Lake Brandt, it’s close by and is put on by Trivium Racing, definitely interested in checking this one out.

Belews Lake Sprint | September 10th – Always a great race, unfortunately It again coincides with the weekend of my other favorite rate (see below).

Lake Davidson | September 11th – Fabulous race with great swag put on by Nascar Champ Jimmir Johnson. Not only is he typically in attendance, he’s usually racing too!

NC State Championships | October 2nd – Was registered this past year, but crazy weather and a “state of emergency” interfered. This looks like it will be well-timed for one last race before the big one.

IM 70.3 North Carolina | October 22nd – Of course, as previously mentioned, I’m added back the distance this year with another IM 70.3. Who knows, it might inspire my next 140.6!


There you have it! That’s what I’m looking at for 2016.

What races are on your calendar this year?




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