I’ve been waiting to tell you…

Well folks, I’m sorry to tell you. I’ve been lying to you… well maybe not so much lying, but certainly not upholding the levels of transparency that I set out to uphold at the end of last year. But, I swear it was for a good reason. I had to wait for some time to pass before I could tell you…

I’m pregnant!

Yes! We did our “homework” well and are now 12 weeks into this second pregnancy, and we could not be more excited about it. Here’s how it all went down (don’t worry I’m not going to be THAT transparent):

  • December 21st: Our first appointment at Wake where we learned that I would likely ovulate on my own that week
  • December 23rd: I had my first ever positive ovulation test
  • December 31st: New Year’s Eve Chinese food gave me this fortune cookie (definitely gave me a bit of hope)


  • January 6th: Positive pregnancy test, confirmed later that day via blood test at Wake
    • We called the parents that night to tell them the good news! We decided we definitely wanted the opportunity to share GOOD news this time around… it felt good!


  • January 8th: Another blood test to ensure that my HCG levels were rising appropriately
    • We called Jason’s sisters that night – again, it’s good to share good news!
  • January 12: Still worried about progesterone levels, I messaged the Wake doctors, who agreed to check that out for me – all looked normal
  • January 14: I had also messaged our nurse practitioner from WomanCare and she also offered to let me come in for another HCG and progesterone level check – everything was still looking good
    • I really can’t express the mixture of emotions that we went through in these early weeks. Of course thrilled about the pregnancy, but immediately terrified of experiencing another loss. Excuse my language, but it’s a total mindfuck!
  • January 20th: Our first ultrasound around 6.5 weeks – we saw this little dot and a little flicker of an early heartbeat!


  • February 4th: Our second ultrasound around 8.5 weeks – we saw this little maturing embryo and heard its heartbeat! We also go “kicked out” of Wake after this appointment


  • February 7-13th: The mixed emotions were no stronger than during this week – we hit both the 9-week mark (where we miscarried last time) and our original due date (Feb. 11) all within one week
  • February 22nd: My first appointment back at WomanCare – everything continues to look good and we were able to hear the heartbeat over doppler – the Feltis Fetus is getting stronger every day!

Up next are two very exciting appointments – in one week, we’ll have another ultrasound as part of the first-trimester screening (which is a little terrifying as well) and five weeks after that (April 14th), we’ll have our anatomy scan!!!

I am so thankful to be on this journey and I know I appreciate it so much more because of what we’ve been through. I also appreciate everyone who kept and continued to keep Jason and me in your thoughts. My heart goes out to everyone going through the struggles of fertility. You are all in my thoughts and I’m sending positive vibes your way.

So now, I’m sure this will bring another shift to the blog – some preggo talk, nursery decorating, and I’ll continue to discuss triathlon, exercise, and fitness and how those things shift throughout this pregnancy. Thank you all again for your support – we could not be more thrilled.

What’s left to say? Oh yea, the due date… we are so looking forward to

September 12, 2016!

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