Little Jumping Bean

This week started out on a high. A Monday 8am ultrasound appointment (and finger prick, well maybe not so much the finger prick) for the first trimester screening to check to chromosomal abnormalities, including Trisomy 21 (Down’s Syndrome), Trisomy 13, and Trisomy 18. While yes, having the test run was a little terrifying, the definite upside was yet another ultrasound!¬†And for the first time they were able to do the ultrasound on top of my tummy – thank god we are done with the alternative!

It was amazing!

It’s so cool to see how much (s)he has grown from 6.5 weeks, to 8.5 weeks, to 13 weeks. And for the first time we really saw movement (other than a heartbeat). (S)he was in there waving, kicking, jumping, and even hiccuping! I wish I had a video.


Heart rate was 158, which is still on the higher end of the typical range (120-160), but definitely still normal. There is an old wives tale that says fetal heart rates over 140 are more likely to be a girl, while fetal heart rates under 140 are more likely to be a boy. Now, after a little research, there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back that up! But I did find it interesting that women who are educated beyond high school predict the gender of their babies with 71% accuracy – interesting, huh?

So what do I think? Well, I’m going to keep that to myself for a few more weeks.We’ll officially find out in less than 5 weeks – 34 days, not that I’m counting!

While we don’t know the gender of the Feltis Fetus, that hasn’t stopped me with moving forward with some purchases for the nursery. We are going with a Dr. Suess theme – definitely gender neutral. The main colors will be reds, aquas/teals, and yellows/mustards (see a sneak peek below). More on the nursery to come!

FullSizeRender (1)

Oh, and about that First Trimester Screening, I found out last night that everything came back negative. Great news to end the week as well. Happy Friday!


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  1. We have that same Ikea cart in our sons bedroom- it’s so versatile!

    I thought it was so neat that “mothers intuition” is the most accurate predictor of the baby’s sex until I had a boy after a good 20 weeks of feeling like I was having a girl =)

    Congrats on the healthy screen and seeing the baby again!

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