Why Dr. Seuss?

I mean Dr. Seuss is pretty fantastic, but you may be wondering why this was selected as the nursery theme. There’s a good reason and it’s a relatively short, super sweet story.

Somewhere around 8 year ago, very early on in our relationship, Jason and I enjoyed spending our Saturday mornings hopping from garage sale to garage sale. One morning we happened upon a woman who had a crazy assortment of Dr. Seuss books… all in really good condition. A few classics, but most stories I hadn’t heard of. Given that she was selling them for a dollar or less each, we picked out all the Dr. Seuss books she had and bought them, just in case… one day…

Mind you, we were not even really thinking about getting married at that point, much less having kids. So for that reason, Dr. Seuss is our nursery theme and I’m loving it!

I’ve always loved quotes and Dr. Seuss has so many wonderful, inspirational ones. This kid’s room is going to be filled with quotes, many of which I plan to write/paint with ink and watercolor. I’ll keep you posted as I make progress on that project.

In the meantime, let Dr. Seuss inspire you: http://brightdrops.com/dr-seuss-quotes


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