Nursery Art (Part 1)

It was a very productive Easter weekend in the Feltis house. We mowed the lawn for the first time this season and cleared many of the branches that had fallen over the past several weeks, ran several errands, Jason did a ton of schoolwork, and I got creative with a start on the nursery art.

I mentioned I’d be doing ink and watercolor pieces of Dr. Seuss quotes in my last post and I was able to finish three of these on Sunday.

FullSizeRender 9

So how did I do these? 

Well, I started with Canva. If you haven’t used Canva, you should probably start. It’s a super easy to use online design tool. I’ve used it to create most of my recent “featured images” for the blog as well as the collages that we used for the Facebook pregnancy announcement.

Being that the point of these pieces of art would be to convey a quote, I knew font would be super important (and I LOVE fonts!). I used Canva to create custom dimension pieces sized for each frame I’d selected from Ikea. See the original designs below.

Next, I printed my designs. For designs that were larger than an 8.5×11, I was able to use the “poster print” feature in Acrobat to print it across multiple pages. Then, I used my light table to trace the quotes (in pencil) onto watercolor paper, where I’d pre-drawn the frame dimensions.

Then, I painted my ideas for the quote backgrounds onto the watercolor paper before tracing over my pencil-traced quote with black marker.

In less than four hours, I created my first three pieces of art for the nursery. Here they are all framed and ready to go!

Three more, including the main feature piece (no pressure!), to come soon…


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