Look Up!

Thanks to some relatively small, yet impactful updates to the nursery, I find myself looking up every time I enter the room.

First, I hung some curtains. My parents gave us several nice curtain rods when we first moved into the house, and we haven’t used any of them until now. I found these mustard and white striped curtains on Amazon, and here you have it!

Tadaa! I LOVE it!


Secondly, one of my very first ideas I had for the nursery was to hang various sized and colored paper lanterns from the ceiling above the crib. I thought this would create a neat mobile effect, without actually being a mobile.

I actually bought the lanterns about 10 weeks ago, after hearing the heartbeat for the first time – it was one of the first things I allowed myself to purchase. From where, you might ask? Why, PaperLanternStore.com of course! I figured there had to be a store online dedicated to paper lanterns, and I was right.

First things first, I had to assemble the lanterns. I have to be honest, I was totally intimidated by the idea of having to work in 3 dimensions to create something that was aesthetically pleasing. I considered rigging up a piece of card board, or something to limit ceiling damage during the layout and creation process. However, it was actually Jason’s idea to initially use thumb tacs (thanks babe!) – the holes created are barely visible and it made things very easy to move around until it looked just right. Of course, I’ll go back and install small cup hooks in the ceiling for the permanent solution, as I’m sure thumb tacs above a baby’s crib are not recommended!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Once the lanterns were assembled, I laid them out on the ground in 2D, to get a sense for the appropriate size and color distribution. For whatever reason, my gut said to start with a super large red lantern on the left side and work from there.

2D Lantern Design

Then I began hanging, again starting with that large red lantern, then moving to the next biggest, and next biggest, on down to filling in the holes with the smallest globes. It was actually pretty easy to judge the placement and height on the fly, then I would confirm after taking a step back. A few times I had to adjust something higher or lower, left or right, front or back, but it was surprisingly simple. Here’s the end product!

Tadaa again!

I’d say the nursery is certainly coming along!

The view from below.


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