Reflections and Hopes

Nine years ago, my world was forever changed.

Through hateful, destructive, mentally unstable acts, the peace and serenity that was my campus was attacked resulting in the end of 32 innocent, beautiful, Hokie lives and many many other injuries, both physical and emotional.

About 5 months from now, my world will again change forever.

Jason and I will welcome our son, Kane Cooper Feltis, into this world. Sometimes it scares me to think that he’s joining a world where these terrible things have occurred, a world that can sometimes seem to be filled with so much hate and destruction. It is my hope that we’ll teach him to love, care, be inclusive, and lead his generation towards creating a more peaceful and respectful society.

The phrase “Live for 32” has been a part of many Hokie’s lives since the events nine years ago. For me, the meaning has changed over time just as my life has changed and I am fortunate enough to experience and accomplish things that those 32 Hokies never will. As this new chapter in my life begins, again the meaning of “Live for 32″morphs, this time into imparting that same sentiment onto a new generation.

We are strong and brave and innocent and unafraid. We are better than we think, and not quite what we want to be.

Lets go!


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