What’s in a name?

You’ve probably seen from the last post that this precious little boy already has a name!

Kane Cooper Feltis

So, how did we come up with it?

It’s pretty simple really. Kane is my maiden name. I’ve always liked the idea of having Kane be at least my son’s middle name. However, making it a first name started as somewhat of a joke a few years ago. It caught on at the Feltis dinner table as we discussed what a cool name Kane Feltis would be. “He’s sure to be a sports star with a name like that!” was the general consensus. From there, it kinda stuck.

In my baby name book, “Kane” has many meanings – you’ll find things like “warrior” or “fighter”. However, I like the Welsh meaning best. In Welsh, Kane means Beautiful.

As for the middle name, we wanted to give the kid an option of something else to be called, in case he’s not crazy about the more “outside-the-box” name of Kane. Plus, we’d already given him two last names; we couldn’t give him a third (even though that’s how most of the suggestions started).

When Cooper came up, I . Not to mention, Jason loves his MINI Cooper and every year we run the Cooper River Bridge Run… there’s a lot of “Cooper” in our lives.

So there you have it. Kane Cooper Feltis. And of course, he’s sure to have many awesome nicknames…

  • Kaner
  • K-Coop
  • KFelt
  • Etc.

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