About Me

Writing has never been my “thing.” In college, I majored in Math – something finite, something I could wrap my head around. Contrary to popular belief, a math major still has plenty of writing to do, but it’s different. It’s concrete, structured proofs – “here’s what I did, why I did it and what it means towards the end result.” I guess that’s what I hope this blog will be like…

You see, I came up with the idea to blog back in early 2011, shortly after setting a major goal for myself – to compete in a triathlon. I thought I’d chronicle my life through the training process and beyond…

Well, I decided on a site name and tagline, but I’m such a graphic, artistic person (yes, both my left and right brains work – just not always in harmony), that I couldn’t begin to think about content until I had a polished-looking site. Apparently, that takes about 6 months of procrastination, getting side-tracked and trial and error. Finally now in June 2011, I’m satisfied enough and have enough direction and vision to put pen to paper* and begin to write.

*Side note: I do actually put pen to paper to start these posts. My creativity doesn’t flow well at a keyboard.

In the meantime, during my period of procrastination, I’ve trained for and competed in my first triathlon. So, there goes my original plan, but in a nutshell, I had a blast doing the Tri and plan to do more! You can read more about my first Tri and my prep for it in my first post. The new plan for this blog is to follow my life as I uncover this new passion for triathlons and perhaps as I ‘tri’ other new things. Enjoy!


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